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Are you experiencing difficulties with one of your appliances?  Maybe your refrigerator isn’t cooling correctly, or your dryer will not turn on no matter what you try.  Whatever the problem may be, our top-notch experienced service technicians at John’s Appliance Service are the right people to call for your Milwaukee appliance repair.

We have been offering friendly and timely appliance services at an affordable rate to the residents of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas for over 35 years. We provide in-home appliance repairs of washers, dryers, ovens, ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers and ice makers for all makes and models.

The $49.95 service call fee includes an evaluation of the appliance unit to let you know what is wrong with the appliance and a quote you approve for what needs to be replaced and fixed. This price includes the trip charge. Our in-home service comes with a factory warranty on parts and we cover the labor.

If you should decide you do not want the appliance serviced, you pay just the $49.95 trip charge plus tax.

As one of the most recommended appliance repair companies in Milwaukee, we would love to help you get your appliance back up and running in no-time! Whether it’s a Maytag, Kenmore, Amana, or other appliance brand, we can fix it. View all the brands we service on our Appliance Repair & Service page.

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About Milwaukee, Wi.

As the largest city in the state of Wisconsin, Milwaukee is naturally home to an array of impressive destinations.  Among these destinations are the Harley Davidson Museum, Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory, the Milwaukee Art Museum, and many more.  Milwaukee is also a city that loves to brew beer and was known as the “beer capital of the world.” The city has been home to some of America’s largest brewers including Pabst, Schlitz, Miller and Blatz.

Appliance Repair Tip

Refrigerator Repair Tip: If your refrigerator gives out unexpectedly, take a look at the coils to see if there is a build-up of dust, lint, or pet hair.  When too much unexpected pet hair or lint builds up in this part of your refrigerator, it causes the compressor to overheat which in turn triggers the overload switch on the appliance causing it to stop working.  In most refrigerator models, the coils can be found behind the very bottom panel on the front of the unit below the door.

Keep your refrigerator coils clean with a coil cleaning brush available on our online parts website.  The brush is specially designed to help reach and easily clean the coils on a refrigerator.

refrigerator coil cleaning brush

If your washer, refrigerator or other appliance is not working, call us at John’s Appliance Service. Our experienced trained technicians will troubleshoot and fix your Milwaukee, Wi., household appliance. Call today!


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